Skyline System for Efficient and Sustainable Logging

Get to know advantages of log manipulation with the mobile skyline system.

Skyline System for Efficient and Sustainable Logging

Log manipulation is mostly seasonal forestry task. However, for the forest preservation, it is sometimes also necessary during off-season. Logging in steep or more difficult accessible locations often requires use of a skyline system. Our Cobra T9500-25 was tested in Idrija area in cooperation with the Forestry and Wood Technology School in Postojna. 

Professional Foresters Evaluate Usability of Mobile Skyline System Cobra T9500-25

In Slovenia, we have many typical steep and more difficult accessible forest areas. Idrija region is especially known for being ahead of time for its innovations in forestry technology since second half of 18th century. The first forestry Truck Mounted Small Mobile Tower Yarder "Gnezdov izvlek" has been used in that area since 1928. It was named after its inventor Štefan Gnezda and is today part of the Slovenian technical heritage.

In this same area, the Forestry and Wood Technology School was testing our mobile Skyline System Cobra T9500-25. The first part of EIP Project was concluded with the Open day by presentation of log manipulation with our forestry skyline.

"Efficiency is a Logical Outcome of Safe Work"

The leading partners on the project have presented numerous advantages of the skyline logging for forest and the foresters. They mostly focused on safety, efficiency and sustainability of the skyline system used for the project.

Cobra T9500-25 was recognized as a very convenient and efficient forestry machine to work with on the difficult terrain near Idrija. District forester have ordered where to place the skyline corridor at the top of the Kobal's mountains.

Working with a cable crane system, in comparison with a classic tractor skidding logging technique, helps us avoid building new forest roads. Also, with the skyline system – as name itself says – logs are lifted during the skidding process and thus less forest undergrowth gets damaged.

About one forestry trailer of logs was towed every hour by Cobra T9500-25 mobile logging crane. The forestry teachers who were in charge of the demonstrative and educative workshops, Mr. Ščuka and Mr. Horvat, stressed the importance of safety above everything else. Efficiency always comes as a consequence of safe and accurate forestry work, they added. Check their opinion and the whole demonstration from the Open day in the video below:

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