Circular saw

WKA 700 CD T5

WKA 700 CD T5

The new STANDARD circular saws powered by tractor (PTO) drive have a 5 m long conveyor belt. They ensure the quick and safe production of firewood. Long service life is ensured by their compact structure.

  • 5 m long conveyor belt
  • Construction made of high-quality sheet metal
  • Safe and fast work is ensured

The STANDARD circular saws have compact construction as they are made of high-quality sheet metal. They were designed according to the latest safety standards and user-friendly criteria. Therefore, each circular saw is easy and safe to use and it enables fast and efficient work. The conveyor belt has 5 m long.

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  1. Hydraulic motor is driven by the tractor hydraulic system
    (the hydraulic motor is mounted on the upper cylinder of the conveyor belt).
  2. Quick and easy switch from transport to working position.
  3. Mechanical winch for adjusting the conveyor belt inclination.

  1. Safe operation of the circular saw.
  2. The safety brake stops the circular saw in less than 10 s.
  3. Safety net.
  4. Gripper for log stabilization.
  5. Cylinders on the trough for easier work.
  6. Adjustable sawing depth limiter.

Technical data

Technical data

Model   WKA 700 CDT5
Drive   CD
Recommended tractor power kW 19
Saw blade diameter mm 700
Max. cutting diameter mm 300

Vidia saw blade



kg 380
Fitted conveyor belt length mm 4000
Fitted conveyor belt width mm 250
Fitted conveyor belt drive   Hidromotor


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