Firewood processor

TITAN 43/20J

TITAN 43/20J

Firewood processor TITAN 43/20J standard enables easy operations with an electronic control lever (joystick). Logs with a diameter of ø 43 cm are cutted with durable and powerful harvest chainsaw bar and splitted into 4, 6, 8 or 12 parts at the same time. Splitting force is 20 t.

Splitting force max_diameter splitting length
  • Splitting force 20t
  • Operated with an electronic control lever
  • Cuts with a harvester chainsaw bar
  • Compact and ergonomic

Compact and ergonomically designed firewood processor TITAN 43/20J standard is cutting logs with a strong and durable harvest chainsaw bar. It features easy operation with joystick and ensures fast work performance. The drive is possible via PTO, electric motor or a combination of both. With its compact and ergonomic shape it is suitable for domestic use.

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Durable and powerful harvest chainsaw bar

Durable and powerful harvest chainsaw bar

Settings and parameters

Settings and parameters

  1. Oil tank for automatic chain lubrication with an oil level indicator.
  2. Splitting length 25, 33, 40 or 50 cm.
  3. The pressure gauges indicate the splitting pressure and the system pressure for auxiliary functions.
  4. Chain lubrication adjustment system.
Lifting table (option)

Lifting table (option)

For easier work, the LT650 lifting table with a width of 1700 mm can be mounted in the front.

Control panel

Control panel

  1. Activation in case of an electric motor.
  2. Harvest chainsaw bar speed regulation.
  3. Emergency stop.
  4. Optional deactivation switch for the retaining plate.
  5. On/off and reverse movement adjustment of the conveyor belt.
  6. Switch for saving time when splitting short logs.
  7. Electronic control lever - joystick.
Log deck.

Log deck.

Titan j dolzina ventil

Conveyor belt speed regulation.

1890 titan j alko 159150f46ff205d9

Mechanical winch for adjusting conveyor height.

Titan j cepilni kriz

Hydraulically adjustable height of the splitting knife 2-4, 2-6, 2-8, 2-12.

Titan j separacija

The extremely light separator (22 kg) allows the wood to fall on the trailer or in the bag while keeping the environment clean (free of sawdust) - Option.

Titan j separacijska mreza

Separation grill before conveyor.

981 rezalno cepilni stroj sagespaltautomat firewood processor nagib transportnega traku uniforest b7ffca2ef6b4fc58

Conveyor belt tilt.

Conveyor belt adjusting position L/R ±15°.

Conveyor belt adjusting position L/R ±15°.

Technical data

Technical data

Model   CD E CD-E
Engine power kW /   11 11
Recommended tractor power kW/HP 30/40 (transport 60/80) (transport 60/80) 30/40 (transport 60/80)
Max. cutting diameter mm 430 430 430
Splitting force kN/t 200/20 200/20 200/20
Log lengths cm 25, 33, 40, 50  25, 33, 40, 50 25, 33, 40, 50

Conveyor belt slew (L/R ± 15°)

  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic 
Control   Joystick Joystick Joystick
Weight* kg 1220 1270 1285
mm 2550
Oil quantity shell l 100 100 100
Adjustment of the height of the splitting knife   Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic 
Log stabilizer handle   Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic 
Splitting knif 2-6 / 2-8 / 2-12 pcs Standard Standard Standard
Splitting knif 2-6 / 2-8 / 2-12 pcs Option Option Option
Oil heater   Not possible Option Option
Oil cooler   Standard Standard Standard
Separator   Option Option Option

CD - PTO (tractor drive) E - Electric motor CD-E - Combination TR - Wheels  *The weight of the tractor is important during transport.


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