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65 H

65 H
  • unique design with ergonomic shape
  • new technical solutions
  • robust construction
  • multi-plate clutch
  • folding window guard
  • high quality hydraulic components
  • hydraulic winches with speed reduction
  • pressure relief brake
  • chainsaw and axe holder integrated into the winch frame
  • lower pulley and hitch as standard


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  • Specifications
    Type 65H
    Pulling force 65kN
    Wire rope medium speed 0,60 m/s
    Wire rope Length / diameter
    Max.(theoretical) 145/10 m/mm
    120/11 m/mm
    100/12 m/mm 
    Standard 80/12 m/mm
    2160 N/mm2 
    Recommended tractor power 45 - 70 kW
    61 - 95 PS 
    PTO Shaft revolutions 540 min-1
  • Dimensions & Features
    1.685 mm
    1.800 mm
    Cable unwinding option
    Trailer tow hitch standard
    Depth 780 mm Lower pulley standard
    Height without safety guard 1.800 mm Chainsaw holder standard
    Height with safety guard 2.300 mm Pickaxe holder standard
    Weight withour wire rope
    560 kg
    580 kg 
    Pressure relief brake Not possible 
    Multi-plate holder standard



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