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65 G

65 G
  • for professional use
  • unwinding device for wire rope
  • high pulling force even with fully wound drum
  • chainsaw and fuel tank holder (65G & 85G)
  • highly efficient gear drive – minimal oil heating
  • high pressure oil filter
  •  worm drive gearbox
  • folding window guard
  • long operating life
  • easy to maintain and control
  • optional hydraulic hinged butt plate

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  • Specifications
    Type 65 G
    Drive helical and bevel gear drive 
    Pulling force - internal dia. 65kN
    Pulling force - outer dia. 40kN 12mm/90m
    Brake force 81,25kN
    Wire rope medium speed 0,65 m/s 540 min-1
    Max. capacity of wire rope 130/12 m/mm
    160/11 m/mm 
    Recommended tractor power min. 60 kW
    min. 80 PS
    PTO Shaft revoultions 750 min-1
  • Dimensions & Features
    Dimensions Features
    Option 1
    Option 2
    1.720 mm
    1.920 mm
    2.100 mm 
    Clutch plates 4 PCS
    Depth 840 mm Pump Gear pump
    Height without safety guard 1.500 mm Hydraulic hinged butt plate
    Option 1
    Option 2


    Height with safety guard 2.300 mm
    Weight without wire rope 1720/620kg



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