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2x85 HPRO

2x85 HPRO
  • device for unwinding wire rope  - standard
  • strong pulling force even when the drum is fully wound (considerably better ratio between the
  • pulling force on the inner and outer perimeters) 1:1,7
  •  worm gearbox for the transfer of maximum load.
  •  worm gear manufactured from high quality hardened alloy steel, worm wheel from special bronze
  •  mechanic elements and constituent parts are made from high grade alloy steel and have
  • undergone further heat treatment
  •  compact and robust construction
  •  multi-plate winch clutch composed of six plates
  •  the transfer of torque is carried out via cylindrical involute gears, which is a considerable
  • advantage compared with the utilization of dowels or bolts
  •  all hydraulic equipment is manufactured by top German suppliers
  •  the piston pump is built-in, along with professional seat valves (2x85H)
  •  installation possible with front or back-variable position pump and drive
  •  easy maintenance and operation

All the listed specifications ensure a completely reliable operation and a long service life.

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  • Specifications
    Type 2x85Hpro
    Working group 1 EM
    Pulling force - internal dia. 85 kN
    Pulling force - outer dia. 56 kN
    Wire rope medium speed 0,6 m/s 540 min-1
    Wire rope lenght / diameter 13/90 m/mm
    12/105 m/mm
    Recommended tractor power Min. 60/80 kW/PS
    PTO Shaft revolutions 540 min-1
    Clutch plates 6 pcs
  • Dimensions & Features
    Width 800 mm Oil pressure 110-150 bar
    Depth 520 mm Quantity of hydraulic oil  3,5 l
    Height 600 mm Cable unwinding standard - 2 pcs
    Weight withour wire rope  510 kg
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