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Cable unwinding

Features of the unwinding device

• it makes unwinding of the rope from the drum easier
• it provides tension on the rope between the pulley and the
  drum, which prevents kinks
• the device provides greater security, reliable operation
  and is more practical
• standard feature for models 55Hpro, 65Hpro and 85Hpro
• can be installed on hydraulic winches 45H , 50Hpro, 55H ,
  60EH, 65H , 80EH and 85H
• easy to install on used Uniforest winches

Description of the device

The unwinding device consists of an upper pulley with a
hydraulic motor, an electrohydraulic control block, electrical
equipment and hydraulic hoses. The pulley is also mounted
with a linkage with springs, which enables you to regulate
the grip on the wire rope.

Operation of the device

The device starts unwinding the wire rope automatically, when the unwinding function is turned on. The rope unwinds until the unwinding function on the winch is stopped. The control ensures that the hydraulic cylinder is turned on in the unwindingposition. After three seconds, the oil flow is diverted to the hydraulic motor of the upper pulley. The non-return valve,that is connected to the brake cylinder, ensures a stable position of this cylinder. The unwinding speed dependson the oil flow and the speed of the PTO shaft

(max 540 revolutions per minute).





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