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The log splitter TITANIUM 23 with a splitting force of 21 t is technologically advanced and of high quality. As acknowledgment to its superior design, log splitter TITANIUM 23 was rewarded with German Design Award Special in 2017.

  • Quick and effective splitting
  • Autospeed valve
  • Cast iron hydraulic pump
  • Galvanized oil tank
  • Many holders for additional equipment
  • CDF model with a front or rear attachment

Log splitters TITANIUM 23 can have tractor (PTO) drive, they can be electric log splitters or have combination of tractor (PTO) and electric motor drive. With the axe quickly returning to its original position and autospeed valve regulating speed automatically the splitting is safe, fast and easy. Each model has plenty of storage area for additional equipment. The CDF model that stand out is tractor (PTO) powered log splitters with a front or rear attachment.

Watch the video of TITANIUM log splitter



Cast iron hydraulic pump ensures quiet operation and long service life of the log splitter. - Standard



Auto-speed (AS) valve for automatic speed regulation.



The three position de-activation switch prevents knife and splitting table damages.

Front and rear attachment - Model CDF

Front and rear attachment - Model CDF

1. Front PTO attachment: rotation to the left, maximum PTO drive shaft speed 1000 rpm.
2. Rear PTO attachment: rotation to the right, maximum PTO drive shaft speed 540 rpm.

Podajalka titanium 11 uniforest

The log lifter puts the log into working or transport position.

Cepilec mali zaga titanium uniforest

Holders for chainsaw (1), pickaxe (2) and small pickaxe (3).

Miza z raziritvijo titanium uniforest ok

Single or double log table with an extension.

Nosilec posode za gorivo titanium uniforest

Adjustable tank holder - suitable for all fuel tank typs.

Hidravlicni vitel titanium uniforest

Hydraulic winch.

Prijemalka za vleko titanium uniforest

Scissor grab for pulling and handling heavier logs.

The serrated lever holds the log in place for easy and accurate splitting.

The serrated lever holds the log in place for easy and accurate splitting.

Komplet za rocni transprt titanium uniforest

Wheels & handle for manual transport.

Technical data

Technical data

Drive   CD CDF E CD+E
Splitting force t 21 21 21 21
Engine power kW / / 5,5 5,5
Recommended tractor power kW / HP 30 / 41 30 / 41 / 30 / 41
Required torque of the cardan shaft Nm 320 320 / 320
Axe stroke mm 1100 1100 1100 1100
Height of the log mm 1150 1150 1150 1150
Height of log on the table mm 580 / 400 580 / 400 580 / 400 580 / 400
Splitting speed H2/H1/PH cm / s 28 / 15 / 28 28 / 15 / 28 10 / 4 / 20 28 / 15 / 28
Splitting time H2/H1/PH s / 1000mm 3,9 / 6,6 / 3,9 3,9 / 6,6 / 3,9 10 / 23 / 5 3,9 / 6,6 / 3,9
Oil pressure MPa 26 26 26 26
PTO shaft revolutions


540 front: 1000
rear: 540
/ 540
Weight kg 470 470 480 520
mm 1150
Height in transport position mm 1900 1900 1900 1900
Height in working position mm 2780 2780 2780 2780
Oil quantity l 40 40 40 40
Cast pump   Standard Standard / Standard
2-stage gear pump   / / Option Option
Auto-speed (AS)   Standard Standard Standard Standard
Handle   Standard Standard Standard Standard
Pickaxe holder   Standard Standard Standard Standard
Axe holder   Standard Standard Standard Standard
Small pickaxe holder   Standard Standard Standard Standard
Single or double log table with an extension   Option Option Option Option
Automatic deactivation of the axe   Standard Standard Standard Standard
Fuel tank holder   Option Option Option Option
Chainsaw holder   Option Option Option Opcija
Hydraulic winch   Option Option / Option
Manual transport kit   Option Option Option Option

CD - PTO (tractor drive) E - elektric motor CD-E - combination H2 – quick forward movement of the cylinder H1 – forward working movement of the cylinder PH - return speed


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