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Hydraulic with double action telescopic cylinder

Hydraulic with double action telescopic cylinder
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  • Technical data
    Model      Dimenstions (cm)Weight (kg)Capacity (kg)


    (40 cm)

    140/100-2C 140/100/40 250 900 option
    140/125-2C 140/125/40 290 1000 option 
    160/100-2C 160/100/40 280 1200 option
    160/125-2C 160/125/40 310 1300 option 
    180/100-2C 180/100/40 310 1400 option 
    180/125-2C 180/125/40 330 1400 option 
    200/125-2C 200/125/40 350 1400 option



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