Uniforest Connect App

Determined Step towards Industry 4.0 in the Branch of Forestry Machinery

Uniforest Connect App

Uniforest forestry mechanisation always keeps in step with the times. The latest novelty we’d like to present you is development of the Uniforest Connect mobile app. By using it, the forester has insight into all vital parameters and other information about the machine in real time as well as in a shape of timeline and history for more detailed analysis and regular maintenance checks.

Available for all single-drum hydraulic forestry winches

Uniforest Connect is compatible with our single-drum Profi series forestry winches (professional skidding winches), including winch heads for forestry tractor upgrades as well as at the Uniforest Premium series of hydraulic winches.

How Uniforest Connect Works

  • The app is downloaded to the Android/iOS smart device by the user from the Play Store/iTunes. It is crucial for the device to have and allow Bluetooth connection to communicate with the winch. 
  • User can track the operation of the clutch, break, unwinding device and the limit switch – all in real time. 
  • The time for regular service interval is measured, so the user is notified to schedule the next mandatory maintenance check. 
  • Control of the load on the winch: electronics tracks the load on the machine in the real time, so the user can make sure to choose the optimal winch for their needs. 
  • Diagnostics enables constant active tracking of the power supply, pulling force, remote controller signals, input and output valve coils. 

Features for Users

  1. Basic diagnostics can be done at the spot by the users themselves. 
  2. Business users with more winches and employees will benefit from daily analytics for all used devices through one digital channel (the app) to check efficiency of the winches.  
  3. Service interval alert supports user to optimally maintain the machine and make sure to reach as long service life as possible (regular service interval notification). 
  4. Option to apply for tenders, requiring the features in accordance with the Industry 4.0 or any other digital tracking of the machines.

Download. Connect. Extend. Warranty 2+1

Connect with the Uniforest Connect app and secure an additional additional year of warranty!

  • Well-maintained machines have a longer service life
  • If the service intervals are adhered to, an extended warranty period of 2+1 year is guaranteed

First in Branch to Enter the Internet of Things (as part of Industry 4.0) 

Uniforest is becoming the first forestry winches producers to enable digital diagnostics and elevate the user experience to another level! Doing so, we will not only be able to keep our competitive advantage, but mostly we want to implement further solutions to improve the user experience for end customers, sellers and service providers.

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