Uniforest Company and Brand

Uniforest Company and Brand

UNIFOREST is a globally recognized company with an impressive tradition of manufacturing forestry machinery, distinguished by innovations and superior quality.

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

The most important assets adding value to the company are its employees, encompassing their knowledge and competencies. Business indicators, such as capital, warehouses, machines and profit represent resources supporting them and are at the same time dependent on their efforts. 

Our main aim is to be a flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly company, with perfected, high-quality, innovative machines. The company's growth, development and its customer satisfaction all prove that we are on the right track.

Drago Pintar 

CEO anFFd founder  


History of Uniforest


Uniforest today

UNIFOREST is world-renown as innovative producer of high-quality forestry machines. Our solutions are created by an interdisciplinary team of specialised and loyal employees.

In-house development is based on the market requirements. We always consider the opinions and needs of our customers, that are constantly growing in the fast-developing world. Every part of every product is thoughtfully designed and each machine is designed in detail and produced through the process, assuring higher-quality results. To this day, many integrated solutions were patented and many awards and recognitions were received.

Development and design – highly specialised and motivated team

User satisfaction and safe work are on top of our priority list.

Inspect our safety standards and Uniforest machines’ simplicity of use.

User satisfaction and safe work are on top of our priority list. Each machine is thoroughly designed and constructed by the team of highly educated and experienced engineers working hand in hand with the industrial designer. Ensuring the high standards of safety and ease of use is their daily challenge. 

Top-notch materials

When creating new machines, we use high quality materials and certified parts of acknowledged suppliers.

Sustainably oriented

Sustainably oriented

We are acting toward environment, society and economy protection as represented by our state-of-art products.

99% of the components can be recycled. We also use biodegradable oil in our machines. Our forestry mechanization must be, firstly, safe and ergonomically designed, and secondly, it must enable sustainable forest management that takes all (economical, ecological and social) forest functions into account.

A Superior Design of Uniforest Machines

Melon Yellow and Anthracite Gray are our established colours that communicate essential guides of our machine development: safety, high usability and efficiency. 

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All machines are designed in cooperation with an industrial designer. In 2007 we set the first and most important development guidelines for Uniforest, as our significant design lines and a combination of our brand colors are well-known among our customers all over the world. 

Our Certificates and Awards

The superior design of our machines is additionally supported by certificates, in accordance with European and international standards, proving their utility, quality, maximum safety, and environmental friendliness.

Our Certificates and Awards
Uniforest Brand Today

Uniforest Brand Today

Uniforest brand name and logo are registered in over 40 countries all over the world.

We operate in a way to keep the name Uniforest as a synonym for high quality forestry machines that are easy to use, environmentally friendly and have a distinctive design.

We redesigned our logo in 2017 by modernizing it and adding a sign. The latter is designed in a shape of a shield with a combination of letters U (Uni) and F (Forest), while the letter F also resembles a saw.

Our vision

Safety first. We do what is right: for the customers, for the environment, for society, for people, and for the economy.

Safety firsFFt! Do it right for all!

Our vision
Our mission

Our mission

We believe that change is a challenge, to which we respond by designing innovative, simple, safe, user- and environmentally friendly solutions. And this results in a great forestry winch, skyline system, or splitting machine being produced.