Video: BoomSpeed and other fresh features of Magnum 32TR

Even greater efficiency of the Magnum 32 TR horizontal splitter with new functionalities.

Video: BoomSpeed and other fresh features of Magnum 32TR

Horizontal log splitter Magnum 32 with the splitting force of 31 t is the biggest among all Uniforest log splitters. It enables you to split up to 1m long logs and now has some fresh features for even greater performance. In the video we present Magnum 32 CD TR model with the PTO (tractor) drive. It also has its own built-in chassis on wheels; thus, it can also be transported by smaller tractors.

Telescopic Winch & 8-way Splitting Knife

The video shows many existing and fresh features of the Magnum 32TR. The control panel consists of the handles for two-handed activation, hydraulic lifting of the deck and movement of the splitting knife. It also has the pressure manometers and the pulling speed adjustment valve of the hydraulic winch with the pulling force of 7.5 kN – latter as an optional add-on. The splitting cycle is activated by two-handed lever when having the lifting table in working position. Besides all that, our horizontal log splitter offers plenty of storage compartments for your tools as well as a large unloading deck for easier manipulation of one-meter-long logs. Deck surfaces are also constructed for smooth movement of the logs when pushing them back.

Log position is controlled by the telescopic winch that can also be used to change the knife. Magnums 32TR come with 4-, 6- or 8-way splitting knife which you choose according to the size of your logs and the size of the firewood you'd like to produce. There is also optional oil cooler inside the framework, recommended to be used if continuously working for more than 4 hours.

Learn more about Magnum 32TR features and options.

BoomSpeed for Higher Efficiency due to Shorter Splitting Cycle

All our horizontal log splitters have the standard built-in BoomSpeed function that shortens splitting cycle up to 50%. Furthermore, it is able to regulate the splitting speed according to the splitting force needed. For example, when the BoomSpeed cylinder pushes an empty or less loaded push plate, it moves faster. On the other hand, when higher splitting force has to be applied, the cylinder speed is reduced and the full splitting force of 31 tones is utilized. So, basically, this is how we shorten time of the "free run" of the push plate and thus the whole splitting cycle.

Would you like the Magnum horizontal log splitter also "BoomSpeed" your business? Just contact your local distributor or send us a note.

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