Uniforest winch with Terra FA5-D1P UNI remote controller [PACKAGE]

For even safer, more ergonomic and efficient log skidding.

Uniforest winch with Terra FA5-D1P UNI remote controller [PACKAGE]
  • Terra FA5-D1 UNI
  • Enables SMART 3in1
  • Increases the efficiency of log winching
  • KWF tested
  • For Uniforest PROFI, PREMIUM and STANDARD winches

In accordance with our promise to continuously improve the ergonomics, safety, and efficiency of our forestry machines, the following winch models will be equipped with the Terra FA5-D1P UNI remote controller:

Technical features of the Terra FA5-D1P UNI

Remote controllers by Terra producer that are made specifically for the skidding winches – one of them is also a FA5-D1P UNI (an upgrade of the base model FA5-D1P) – were tested and certified by the KWF institute.

The main advantage of the FA5-D1P UNI remote controller is the permanent signal transmitter. This is a crucial feature of the controller that supports our patented SMART 3in1 function, available in Uniforest winches. Ensuring the maximum safety at work when using Uniforest winch, the electronic system provides two-step protection of winches' functions. If any of both; function signal or permanent signal, gets lost, the winch stops all its operations at the same moment. Besides that, the remote controller is also equipped with the STOP toggle switch that can stop all functions of the remote controller.

Forestry Winches with TerraFunk Remote Controller as a New Sales Standard

Seize the great package deal and enjoy all features of the remote-controlled log skidding with our hydraulic winches. Browse through our distribution network and find your local dealer or drop us a line via the contact form for an offer.

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