Looking towards New Accomplishments in 2022

...and looking back to 2021 with gratefulness [video].

Looking towards New Accomplishments in 2022

It has been a tough one for the whole world, for sure. But one should focus on the bright side, some say - and so do we. Thus, we are presenting a fresh production video with many interesting upgrades of business processes:

Upgrades of Business Processes in 2020 and 2021

2021, as well as 2020, was full of challenges on how to keep our team of over 90 employees and other colleagues healthy despite the pandemic of the new coronavirus. On the other side, solutions we needed also brought many opportunities on how to make our working environment even more ergonomic and safe.

Among other novelties, we believe, the most beneficial were the following in the years 2020 and 2021:

  1. Building the new warehouse facility, recently upgraded by the digital storage system for better utilisation of the space and more efficient delivery and supply of the machinery assemblies and components through the production.
  2. Completing the Academy for Business Sustainability Transformation with Spirit Slovenia and already implementing its strategical guidelines in all business processes.
  3. Redesign of our production lines by integrating new overhead cranes, state-of-the art assembly line for the winches with the flow rack storage ... all in accordance with the lean manufacturing principles and the Japanese 5S method.

Entering the 2022 with the Fresh Enthusiasm and Vision

Implemented solutions in the production hall along the processes in general have shown to be worthy support for members of the Uniforest family in their current workplaces as well as in career development. Creativity, innovation and teamwork are the main values of our corporate culture that we are all proud of.

Last, but not least, we believe that the most important quality that successfully brought us through the hard times, was respect, loyalty and willingness to support each other by being best at what we do. Cheers to the 2022!

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