Scorpion 1800F & Firewood Processor Titan 43/20J in a Video

The most important features of machinery in action that you must check out in our video…

Scorpion 1800F & Firewood Processor Titan 43/20J in a Video

Firewood production might be a highly demanding task. When done with the right machinery, the workflow gets smoother and production more effective. By combining professional forestry equipment, log manipulation and firewood production of the whole trailer of firewood can be processed with more ease and in a shorter time.

To deliver the best possible performance, we always test our products. Thus, just a month ago, we were analyzing and filming the complete workflow of three professional machines. Scorpion 1800F timber grabs were used for optimal log manipulation and Titan 43/20J firewood processor for efficient firewood production. The logs were transported by the mobile Log Deck DM 4000/2TR.

Even Stronger Scorpion 1800F Timber Grabs

Maximal opening width of Scorpion 1800F grabs is 1800mm. It can be mounted to the tractor by a three-point linkage (rear side) or EURO linkage (for front-loader). One of the most important upgrades of our timber grabs is a reinforced frame, made from heat-treated NICRODUR 400. Besides that, the rotator with a load capacity of 45kN is protected from overloading damage by an overflow valve.

Fit a Full Trailer of Logs on the Mobile Log Deck DM 4000/2TR

For our testing/filming session, the logs were dosed to the firewood processor by the mobile Log Deck DM 4000/2TR featured by the length of 4m, width of 2,2m, 2 loading transport chains, and aggressive rollers. Thanks to great loading capacity, a full trailer of logs can fit into this mobile log deck.

Firewood Processor Titan 43/20J features

The Titan 43/20J firewood processor is equipped with a harvester chainsaw bar and splitting length sensor. Adjustable stroke length, sawing speed, and conveyor belt speed contribute to even more optimal workflow and even higher performance. For easier adaptation to your work area, the conveyor belt can be hydraulically adjusted to the left or right side by ±15°.

Do you want to feel like a pro gamer when processing firewood? We have a perfect solution for you, as our Titan 43/20J is operated by a joystick. Just contact your local distributor or contact us.

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