Winch head 1x75 HK / HKpro for Excavator or Forestry Tractor

Winch head 1x75 HK / HKpro for Excavator or Forestry Tractor

The new winch head 1x75 HK / HKpro, distinguished by the main features of the double-drum winch head 2x75 HK / HKpro, which is the most desired among professional foresters, has been developed for installation on excavators and forestry tractors. It's main features are a constant pulling force and 2 drive options enabling installation and usage on excavators and forestry tractors.

Two drive options, two positions

1x75 HK winch with drive via a hydraulic motor can be connected to the arm of the excavator, where the unwinding device can also be installed. On the other hand, the use of this single-drum built-in winch with a constant pulling force on the tractor is made possible by the version with a chain drive. Thus, the built-in winch on the tractor is driven by a PTO shaft via a chain. 

Both drive versions of the 1x75 HK / HKpro are also available in two positions:

  • wire rope output and drive both at the same side (facing away from the tractor). or
  • wire rope output on the opposite side as drive (latter facing the tractor).

Rope winding/unwinding is operated via the remote controller.

Hydraulic motor drive (suitable for excavators):

Position A

Position B

Chain drive (suitable for forestry tractors):

Position A

Position B

Main Features of a New 1x75 HK / HKpro Winch Head

Uniforest winches are known for solutions designed for professional foresters and developed in cooperation with them. Common advantages of our winches with constant pulling force are:

  • The pulling force is optimally adapted to the weight of the load at any moment and is constant across the entire diameter of the drum.
  • SMART 3in1 (1x75 HKpro)
  • Unwinding device (1x75 HKpro)
  • Large drum capacity
  • Drive via a worm gear transfers maximum loads
  • Possible installation on any tractor with more than 80 hp

In addition to the general advantages of winches with constant pulling force that also distinguish the 1x75HK/HKpro, the most important upgrades specific to it are the following:

  • Automatic proportional regulation of traction force by measuring the distance to the wire rope using an optical sensor.
  • The hydraulic system and the unwinding device are driven by a more powerful pump.
  • Easy review of system and working pressures by manometers without opening the cover.

For more information, technical data and detailed pictures, check here.

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