Felling head
RK 250
Felling head

RK 250

With felling head cutting down small diameter wood and shrubs, cleaning river banks, and afterward handling with logs becomes easy and simple. Felling heads are mostly used for municipal utility services.

RK 250

About the machine

Felling head RK250 can be attached on excavators or cranes and can be used for cleaning large surfaces, e. g. for municipal utility services. The knife is made of material Hardox 500.

  • RK250K – for cranes
  • RK250B – for excavators
  • Hardox knife
Hardox 500

Hardox 500

Hardox 500 knife.

Excavator quick hitch
Excavator quick hitch

Excavator quick hitch (S40, S45 or S50).

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Technical data

RK 250 K RK 250 B
Max. cutting thickness Softwood (mm) 250 250
Max. cutting thickness Hardwood (mm) 200 200
Max. opening (mm) 1000 1000
Min. cutting diameter (mm) 70 70
Max. working pressure (MPa/bar) 24/240 24/240
Oil flow (l/min) 40–80 40–80
Width (mm) 800 800
Depth (mm) 660 870
Height (mm) 615 580
Weight (kg) 220 220
RK 250 K RK 250 B
Hydraulic rotator with pendulum /
Shut-off valve for knife (mechanical)
Shut-off valve for tilt cylinder (mechanical) /

● - Standard, ○ - Option, / - Not possible


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