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Forestry winch 65 G
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Forestry winch 65 G

The 65G forestry winch is the smallest and lightest professional forestry winch.

65 G

About the Machine

The 65 G forestry winch with a pulling force of 6.5t enables safe work, as the winch is positioned closer to the tractor, and the pulley is fixed lower, which puts the center of gravity of the winch closer to the ground and makes the winch more stable. Therefore, there is a lesser chance of the tractor being lifted. It has an extra-large drum capacity, which allows for more wound-up wire rope. For easy work there are large storage areas (PATENT) on the front of the winch, so that the dirt from the wheels of the tractor does not get between the chain and other equipment. In order to facilitate the manipulation and stacking of logs, there is also a hydraulic hinged butt plate.


  • SMART 3in1
  • Unwinding device
  • Convenient positioning
  • Maxi drum
  • Large storage spaces in front of winch
  • Plenty of storage area for additional equipment
  • Drive over bevel helical and spur gears
  • Foldable window guard


  • AUTO STOP function (limit switch)
  • Hydraulic hinged butt plate

Uniforest Connect app for higher efficiency and longer service life

Download Uniforest Connect app, connect via the Bluetooth and get to know your winch better. Inspect basic machine diagnostic data and respond with appropriate action for safe and efficient log handling, as well as long service life of your forestry winch.

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Package with the TERRA FA5-D1P UNI

Package with the TERRA FA5-D1P UNI

Continuous innovative development of the ergonomics, safety and efficiency of our forestry machines is our promise to you. Thus, forestry winches and the Terra FA5-D1P UNI remote controller are available in a package deal. More about the Terra FA5-D1P UNI remote control package.

SMART 3in1
SMART 3in1

(1) When pulling logs with a tractor, you may encounter some obstacles on the road (hill, roots etc.). If the tractor is not able to overcome these obstacles, the unwinding function can be switched into the mode without the assistance of the unwinding device and you can continue driving with a tight wire rope between the winch and the load. (2) The unwinding device can be turned on and off without delay (the standard model has a 1.5-sec. delay). (3) The SMART 3in1 function ensures additional tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and drum.

This function is only available with the remote controls Teleradio, Terra funk and manual console.

Unwinding device
Unwinding device

To make the wire rope unwinding easier you can choose a winch with an integrated unwinding device. This type of winch also guarantees a constant tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and the drum, thus preventing damage to the drum or pulley and enabling a longer service life.


Bevel-helical and spur gear drive reduces wear and increases energy efficiency.

4-plate clutch
4-plate clutch

The multi-plate clutch prevents overheating/slipping of the clutch (4 plates).


HAWE hydraulic steering with electromagnetic globe valves that ensure long service life and safe operation, and a high-pressure filter that ensures proper oil purity in the hydraulic steering.

Built in gear pump.

The wire rope speed control valve with integrated wire rope winding system provides a precisely wound wire rope to the drum.

The throttle for adjusting the brake opening speed enables slower release of the wire rope tension. This prevents uncontrolled spinning of the drum, which often results in an entanglement of the wire rope.

Pre-loaded wire rope tensioning roller
Pre-loaded wire rope tensioning roller

Pre-loaded wire rope tensioning roller for more precise wire rope winding.

Plenty of storage space
Plenty of storage space

Plenty of storage space for additional equipment.

Plenty of room
Plenty of room

Plenty of room on the front side of the butt plate to keep the dirt from tractor wheels away from the chains and other accessories.

Multiple lower link mounting positions
Multiple lower link mounting positions

Multiple lower link mounting positions. Different attachment heights and depths on the tractor.

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Optional equipment

Auto Stop function (limit switch) automatically stops the function of winding the wire rope on the drum. This function prevents mechanical damages of the unwinding device, entanglement and wire rope damages.

Recommended wire rope thickness according to the maximum wire rope length:

  • 12mm/130m 
  • 11mm/160m

The wire rope must be up to standard, the breaking force of the wire rope must be at least twice as much as the pulling force.

Technical data

Pulling force (kN) 65
Braking force (kN) 81
Wire rope medium speed (540 min-1) (m/s) 0.65
Drum capacity - wire rope length/diameter (m/mm) 160/11 130/12
Recommended tractor power (kW/hp) 60/80
Max. RPM (min-1) 750
Linkage category II, III
Control electro-hydraulic
Winch drive spiral bevel gear
Pump gear pump
Nr. of clutch plates (pcs) 4
Butt plate width/weight without wire rope (mm/kg) 1720/711 1920/745 2100/771
Hydraulic hinged butt plate width/weight without wire rope (mm/kg) 1920/828 2100/860
Depth (mm) 840
Height (mm) 1500
Height with window guard (mm) 2300
Remote control
Unwinding device
Wire rope guide
Smart 3in1
Auto Stop
Valve that ensures constant wire rope tension
Valve for wire rope unwinding speed regulation
Throttle for brake opening speed
Trailer hitch
Foldable window guard
Chainsaw holder
Fuel tank holder
Pickaxe holder
Storage for forestry chocker chains

● - Standard, ○ - Option, / - Not possible


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