Skyline system
Skyline system COBRA
Skyline system

Skyline system COBRA

The skyline system COBRA is designed for safe, easy, and quick logging on steep, inaccessible slopes.

Skyline system COBRA

About the machine

Skyline or cableway system COBRA includes the T9500/25 tower that can be attached to a tractor with a minimum of 120 hp, 2500HS premium electro-hydraulic trolley, two specially adapted remote controls, two intermediate stations, all accessories for line layout.

  • Tower height 9.5 m
  • Load capacity 25 kN
  • Trolley speed up to 8 m/s
  • Unique design
  • Stable construction
  • High-quality materials and components


The 2500 HS premium electro-hydraulic trolley for cableway systems has a high load capacity – 25kN (2.5t) – considering its total weight. The perfected design prevents branches from attaching to the trolley.

More about Carriage 2500HS Premium

1. The tower is stabilized by four remote-controlled support lines. Each support line has its own hydraulic driven drum with a 60-m-long and 14-mm-thick cable. 

2. The unwinding device ensures that the cable between the drum and the top of the tower remains tightened and makes unwinding it easier. 

3. Drums of the load bearing and towing line are powered by hydraulic motors with integrated brakes, and they are powered by an adjustable flow pump that allows variable speeds.  

Wide working area
Wide working area

The operator can effectively cover a 420-meter-long area, 110° left/right behind the tractor.

Tower T9500-25

Tower T9500-25

This system enables automated driving of the trolley. It is easy for the user to set and save any lower/upper end station and intermediate support positions. In this way, the speed of the trolley automatically reduces or stops both on descent and when passing intermediate supports. 

The electronically controlled hydraulic system of the pulling and load-bearing drum ensures soft acceleration and deceleration of the pulling and load-bearing cable, thereby moving the cart smoothly. When the trolley arrives at the upper station, the operator is warned that the load has arrived by a sound signal.

Simple movement from working to transport position
Simple movement from working to transport position

Easy to move from transport to working position: Lifting and lowering the tower from transport to working positions (and vice versa) is controlled via a remote control.

2 remote controls
2 remote controls

2 remote controls, each of which controls the entire system (tower and trolley).

Francesco Alfare and Kambiz del Canto work in the forest with their company F.K. Legnami s.r.l.. For them, it‘s not just a job, but a life mission, and their passion for work is what drives them forward in reaching new milestones at work and in life.

Francesco Alfare and Kambiz del Canto

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Technical data

Pulling force (kN) 25
Tension of the load-bearing cable (kN) 75
Tension of the anchorages (kN) 15
Pulling cable speed (800 min-1; m/s) 0–8
Load-bearing cable speed (800 min-1; m/s) 0–3
Pulling cable length/diameter (m/mm) 500/9
Load-bearing cable length/diameter (m/mm) 470/16 400/18
Anchorage cable length/diameter (m/mm) 60/16
Nr. of anchorages 4
Recommended tractor power (kW/hp) 89/120
Max. RPM (min-1) 800
Linkage category II, III
Control electro-hydraulic
Direction of use (°) 220
Width (mm) 2365
Depth (mm) 1080
Tower height (mm) 9540
Height in transport position (mm) 3400
Recommended max. tractor height for transport (mm) 3100
Length in transport position (mm) 7210
Weight without wire rope (kg) 3487
Remote control
Unwinding device

● - Standard, ○ - Option, / -Not possible


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