Forestry winch accessories
Synthetic rope
Forestry winch accessories

Synthetic rope

As a lighter alternative to wire rope, we also offer synthetic rope. They are very handy with additional winches. Many foresters opt to install it as a second pulling rope with double barrel winches from the Profi series.

Synthetic rope

Technical data

Model and diameter
DYNARED, 10 mm DYNARED, 12 mm DYNARED, 14mm DYNARED, 16mm STRATOS® Winch Pro, 10,5mm STRATOS® Winch Pro, 12mm STRATOS® Winch Pro, 13mm STRATOS® Winch Pro, 15mm
Rope diameter (mm) 10 12 14 16 10,5 12 13 15
Core diameter (mm) - - - - 8 10 11 12
Min. breaking force (kN) 92 139 187 235 90 115 135 180
Weight (g/m) 50 74 96 128 72 96 124 151

* STRATOS® Winch Pro by Teufelberger


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