Sokratis Germanos – User Opinion

  • Machine: 2x85 G
  • Country: Greece 
Sokratis Germanos – User Opinion

Sokratis Germanos is a young and very skilled professional forester from Greece. He has been working with the forestry winch 2x85G for years. He says the most important features of this professional skidding winch are its reliability, power and safety systems that make work more ergonomic and efficient and at the same time keep the winch in good condition with a long service life and low maintenance needs.

Strength and Safety

Sokratis has been using the winch for over two years. He is amazed by the reliability and pulling force of the winch. As well as the great power and durability, he also finds the safety systems very helpful. As a professional forester he fully utilises the features of the anti-kipp system. Especially when working on the slope he can set the tractor inclination limit according to the working conditions. Most importantly, the system will keep the tractor and winch under control even when they stay out of his sight.

Another great advantage for him as an experienced forester is also the AutoStop system that prevents damages by activating the brake when the wire rope is fully wound.

The work process fully remote controlled

All functions of the unwinding device, pulling and tractor are controlled remotely. Sokratis emphasises the importance of being in control when the machine is out of one’s sight. He is able to engage and disengage the PTO, turn the tractor on and off, activate unwinding device, pulling, and controlling wire ropes - all remotely.

An extensive presentation is available in a video, filmed by the user himself:

We thank Mr. Germanos for his insightful presentation of the double-drum professional forestry winch 2x85 G and wish him lots of safe and successful forestry work.

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