Stani and Sergej Grobelnik – User Opinion

  • Machine: 2x85 G
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Company: Kmetija Pivnik
Stani and Sergej Grobelnik – User Opinion

Stani Grobelnik is the head of Pivnik farm, there he lives with his wife and three sons. Their main activities are cattle farming (mainly suckler cows and fattening cattle) and forestry; log cutting and handling. Stani and his son Sergej have prepared the presentation about their work in forest with Uniforest skidding winches.

The Work Done by the Grobelnik Family Is Supported by Uniforest’s Winches 65 Hpro and 2x85 G

Stani and Sergej say that the entire Grobelnik family has a part to play when there’s work to be done. Sergej’s younger brothers lend a hand when they have forestry work to do. Their Valtra tractor, equipped with Uniforest’s forestry winch is used for cutting and lumbering wood while their Fendt tractor moves a forestry trailer.

The effortless work done with our forestry winches is due to years of experience with the machinery. Using the 65 Hpro from the Premium series for over a decade, they also decided for an upgrade to the professional 2x85 G double drum forestry winch 3 years ago. The former is still used for lighter logging while their newer addition is charged with completing the more difficult tasks. They’ve been using the the double drum Profi skidding winch 2x85 G as a means of quicker lumbering of the wood from the forest to the road where it is then loaded on the trailer for further transportation.

Pivnik Farm Values Safety and Efficiency Most

The Grobelnik family is very satisfied with Uniforest’s machinery because it serves them well each working day. As Sergej mentions in the video below, our machines make for a quicker a safer means of lumbering wood. They value work safety above all; in fact, they’ve all completed all the necessary forestry work safety training, proven with their certificates, received upon completion. We are always thrilled to receive the photos and videos taken by the Grobelnik family, as they are a good example for any professional or occasional forester.

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