...for complete control over your unwinding device


FFSMART 3in1 function was upgraded with a new solution for a remotely controlled forestry winches. SMART 3in1 PLUS provides complete control over the winch unwinding device to all users of TERRA remote controllers, even when the winch is out of their sight. 

How is that possible?

The unwinding switch on the controller has a new electronic solution that prevents the switch to return back to the zero position automatically. When the toggle switch is turned on, it stays in position and marks that the unwinding is performed by the unwinding device. Thus, you will know what is happening with the winch and the wire rope-unwinding even when you won’t be able to see it.  

SMART 3in1 PLUS comes as a standard equipment for all package deals of winches with the TERRA FA5-D1P UNI and TERRA FA5-K1P UNI remote controls. 

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