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Forestry winch 2x100 H / Hpro
Forestry winches

Forestry winch 2x100 H / Hpro

The double drum winch head 2x100 H / Hpro is the biggest and the strongest winch head, which is fixedly mounted on the tractor.

2x100 H / Hpro

About the machine

The double drum winch head 2x100 Hpro with a pulling force of 9.4t has a double pulley and an unwinding device with two feed rollers and hydraulic motors for greater wire rope tension and greater unwinding force. Moreover, it has the SMART 3in1 function. The  2x100 H model is the basic version without an unwinding device and the SMART 3in1 function. Both models have an extra-large drum capacity, which allows for more wound-up wire rope.

  • SMART 3in1 
  • Unwinding device 
  • Large drum capacity 
  • Worm gearbox for maximum load transfer 
  • Strong pulling force even when the drum is fully wound

Smart 3in1

Smart 3in1

(1) When pulling logs with a tractor, you may encounter some obstacles on the road (hill, roots etc.). If the tractor is not able to overcome these obstacles, the unwinding function can be switched into the mode without the assistance of the unwinding device and you can continue driving with a tight wire rope between the winch and the load. (2) The unwinding device can be turned on and off without delay (the standard model has a 1.5-sec. delay). (3) The Smart 3in1 function ensures additional tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and drum.

This function is only available with the remote controls Teleradio, Terra funk and manual console.

Unwinding device
Unwinding device

To make the wire rope unwinding easier you can choose a winch with an integrated unwinding device. This type of winch also guarantees a constant tension of the wire rope between the unwinding pulley and the drum, thus preventing damage to the drum or pulley and enabling a longer service life.


The drive consists of a worm gear enabling high gear ratios, and spur gears elements immersed in the oil bath which enables higher efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and increases its life span. The torque from tractor is transited to the worm gear on the winch over a triple-strand roller chain.

The unwinding device drive implemented 2 ways:

The unwinding device drive implemented 2 ways:

a) Drive via the hydraulic system of the winch: The winch has 2 additional pumps and valves installed. 

b) Drive via the hydraulic system of the tractor: An additional hydraulic unit is connected to the hydraulic system of the tractor. The advantage of such drive is in the higher amount of oil, which allows for greater unwinding power. 

The unwinding device with two pushing rollers and two hydraulic motors ensures greater unwinding power and allows for greater tension of the wire rope between the unwinding device and the drum during the winding process. The wire rope unwinding speed can be regulated.  

6-plate clutch
6-plate clutch

The multi-plate clutch prevents overheating/slipping of the clutch (6 plates).

Double pulley
Double pulley
An extra-large drum capacity
An extra-large drum capacity

An extra-large drum capacity ensures that a longer rope can be wound to cover a larger area. It also reduces the loss of the pulling force with a fully wound drum.

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Optional equipment

Recommended wire rope thickness according to the maximum wire rope length:F

  • 14 mm/2x80 m
  • 13 mm/2x90 m

The wire rope must be up to standard, the breaking force of the wire rope must be at least twice as much as the pulling force.

Technical data

2x100 H 2x100 Hpro
Pulling force (kN) 94 94
Braking force (kN) 118 118
Wire rope medium speed (540 min-1) (m/s) 0.85 0.85
Drum capacity - wire rope length/diameter (m/mm) 90/13 80/14 90/13 80/14
Recommended tractor power (kW/hp) 60/80 60/80
Max. RPM (min-1) 750 750
Control electro-hydraulic electro-hydraulic
Winch drive worm gear worm gear
Nr. of clutch plates (pcs) 6 6
Width (mm) 840 840
Depth (mm) 660 660
Height (mm) 800 800
Weight without wire rope (kg) 500 490
2x100 H 2x100 Hpro
Remote control
Unwinding device /
Smart 3in1 /
Valve that ensures constant wire rope tension /
Valve for wire rope unwinding speed regulation /
Throttle for brake opening speed
Winch mounting plate

● - Standard, ○ - Option, / - Not possible


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