David Logar - User Opinion

  • Machine: winch head 2x75 HK
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Company: GD Logar d.o.o.
David Logar - User Opinion

David Logar is the owner of GD Logar d.o.o., a Slovene forestry company. He is also a satisfied Uniforest winch head user. He owns over ten winch heads, each pulling around 8.000m3 of wood per year.

In 2006 David was recommended our professional winch heads and he's been a trusted customer ever since. One of his latest purchases is the winch head with a constant pulling force of 2x75kN. At first, he rented the winch and later he decided to purchase it for his company because it satisfied all of his necessities with its many advantages.

Its most important feature is that the pulling force of 2x75kN a constant pulling force, resulting in higher efficiency. Another important advantage the winch head has is easy pulling of the load to the nearest road. Something the user found to be crucial as well is the cooperation with the development department to always find the optimal solution to any problem regarding installation. 

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