Franz Heuer - User opinion

  • Machine: 120G power
  • Country: Austria
  • Company: Holzschlägerung Franz Heuer
Franz Heuer - User opinion

The company of Mr. Franz Heuer has been cutting and harvesting logs from the forest since 2006. It specializes in heavy-duty felling, especially of deciduous trees and heavier logs.

As he began his business, Mr. Heuer opted for the Uniforest forestry winch. His first winch was the Premium 55Hpro model. Since then, he has only used Uniforest forestry winches for his work. His second machine was the Premium forestry winch, the 85Hpro model, and then, due to the demands of wood harvesting, he chose the Profi model 85G. In 2019, he replaced it with the largest professional forestry winch by Uniforest - 120G power.


He uses Uniforest machines as they offer the best price-quality ratio as well as fast and efficient service. It is also important for him that the winch has a proportional brake, which allows him to use the winch for more demanding felling operations. And our 120G power winch allows him to do just that.

See his opinion in the video:

Thank you, Mr. Franz Heuer, for your many years of trust!

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