Log splitter
Titanium TR
Log splitter

Titanium TR

A special TR model is mounted on a trailer and powered by a petrol engine. The TR model is petrol engine driven and can be hitched to private vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 750kg.

Titanium TR
Petrol engine (TR)

Petrol engine (TR)

1. Four Stroke petrol engine 6 kW. 

2. Fitted with a hydraulic cylinder for switching between working and transport positions. 

TR model transport position
TR model transport position

Ball hitch for private vehicles, maximum gross weight of 750kg.

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Technical data

14 TR 18 TR
Drive petrol engine petrol engine
Splitting force (t) 13 16
Cylinder movement (mm) 1100 1100
Splitting height (mm) 400/580/1150 400/580/1150
Max. log length (mm) 1150 1150
Electromotor power (kW) 6 6
Splitting speed H1/H2/PH (cm/s) 26/13/26 22/11/22
Splitting time H1/H2/PH (s/1100mm) 4.2/8/4.2 5.4/10/5.4
Oil quantity (l) 20 25
Length in working position (mm) 3000 3000
Length in transport position (mm) 2800 2800
Width (mm) 1730 1730
Height in working position (mm) 2700 2700
Height in transport position (mm) 1250 1250
Weight (kg) 520 530
14 TR 18 TR
2-stage gear pump
Single log table with an extension
Double log table with an extension
Small pickaxe holder
Anti-slip chock

● - Standard, ○ - Option, / -Not possible

H1 - Quick forward movement of the cylinder

H2 - Forward working movement of the cylinder

PH - Return speed


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